Concern over dearth of Ayush medicines in rural hospitals

  • SNS

    July 22, 2015 | 06:43 AM

The dearth of Ayush medicine in rural hospitals in the district has left the doctors demotivated and the patients distressed. According to official sources as many as 35 Ayush doctors have been engaged in different Primary Health Centres [new] and Community Health centres [CHCs] in the rural areas.

The government has stopped providing Ayush medicines (alternative medicine) like ayurvedic and homeopathy to these hospitals since years. Even at the district headquarters hospital only 190 types of medicines instead of 573 are available. There are no practices of extra purchase of ayush medicines by Rogi Kalyan Samiti [RKS] for BPL or RKBY card holders patients.

For them, allopathy medicines are being purchased. The government has directed that Ayush doctors should not prescribe allopathy medicines and when the alternative medicines are not available these doctors have virtually no work.

Many poor patients become victims of village quacks and for many patients, treatment has become expensive in private hospitals. In tribal dominated Kankadahada block tribals suffer the worst. Ayush doctors said they find patients in distress as they cannot afford allopathy treatment.

The Chief District Medical Officer, Dr Sangram Kishore Das said he has directed all Ayush doctors not to prescribe allopathy medicines. Dr Das said we have received communication that the government will provide Ayush medicines to all hospitals in the district.

Reports said as many as 20 doctors have been shifted to Puri on Nabakalebara festival in two phases prior to Car festival. Their absence has hit temporary health services in the district. Ten new doctors were posted in the district but only six joined while the others refused to do so.

In tribal dominated blocks tribals suffer the worst.