Clouds of Dissent

In the sprawling landscape of Indian agriculture, where nearly two-thirds of the population depends on farming, the Union government finds itself grappling with a recurring challenge ~ the discontent of protesting farmers.

McConnell’s Exit

As Mitch McConnell steps down from his role as the Senate Republican leader, it marks not only the conclusion of a historic tenure but also a poignant moment in the GOP’s ideological evolution.

Taxation Travails

While posts on WhatsApp would have us believe that taxpayers, who are allegedly in a minuscule minority, are a muchharassed lot, the Government pushes a diametrically opposite narrative viz.

Fragile Ties~III

In his bid to move forward, he took note of India’s declaration of a moratorium on further tests and New Delhi’s readiness to begin discussions on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). N

Rethinking Unicorns

A shift is palpable in Silicon Valley, where unicorns once roamed freely. It speaks volumes about the resilience and adaptability of the tech ecosystem.

Market Optimism

In the realm of financial markets, the echoes of a golden age are fading, leaving investors pondering the sustainability of recent euphoria.

Is the US overestimating the threat from Beijing?

Half of all Americans responding to a mid-2023 survey from the Pew Research Center cited China as the biggest risk to the U.S., with Russia trailing in second with 17 per cent. Other surveys, such as from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, show similar findings.

Bridging gaps

India stands at a crossroad, where economic prosperity clashes with political identity.