Secularism can never be a binary concept

Perhaps in no other general election in the past have issues like ‘uniform civil code’, ‘politics of appeasement’, ‘secularism’, ‘illegal infiltration’, ‘NRC’ etc. been so much a part of the campaign of political parties as it had happened this time.

Bridging a Divide

India’s economic landscape presents a paradox of rapid growth alongside deep-seated inequality. The disparity between the prosperous and the impoverished is stark, with Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, highlighting the chasm.

Cabinet Collapse

The dissolution of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s six-member war cabinet marks a significant turning point in the country’s politics, underscoring deep-seated tensions within the government and highlighting the complexities of managing the Gaza conflict.

Ifs and Butts

This summer, India endured an unprecedented heatwave, with Odisha facing the harshest brunt, recording 27 extreme weather days.

Poll takeaways

The 2024 Lok Sabha elections marked a pivotal moment in Indian politics. This election has not only reshaped the political landscape but also challenged long-standing narratives, underscoring the dynamic and evolving nature of Indian democracy.

The tone of greetings conveys state of ties

Neither Chinese President Xi Jinping, nor his Prime Minister, Li Qiang, initially sent any message of congratulations to Prime Minister Modi on his nomination for a historic third time.

Date with Democracy

2024 has been a defining year in terms of being the biggest election year ever. Across the globe, nearly half the adult population will exercise their voting right and decide their political fortunes.

Kuwait tragedy

The recent fire tragedy in Kuwait, which claimed the lives of 50 migrant workers, mostly Indians, has once again brought to the forefront the dire conditions faced by labourers from the Indian sub-continent in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

Children must be saved from online addictions

In today's technological era, our system may boast about the ever increasing number of mobile phone owners, and claim that in the 21st century we are providing everything at our fingertips.

Monsoon Delay

India is facing a potentially severe agricultural and humanitarian crisis due to the delayed arrival of the monsoon.