Putin-Kim pact

The signing of a mutual defence pact between Russia and North Korea during President Vladimir Putin’s just-concluded visit to Pyongyang marks a significant and potentially destabilising shift in the geopolitical landscape of Northeast Asia.

Taxing times

With the British election fast approaching, the debate over taxation policy has intensified, particularly around the Labour Party’s proposed changes to inheritance tax and the tax status of nondomiciled residents.

Competitive legitimacy

Countries have finite resources and infinite concerns to support. This necessitates prioritizing those concerns with maximum impact, stakes, and moral imperatives.

Setting pigeons among tech cats

In March 2024, I had the opportunity to represent the Government of Odisha at the International Experience sharing conclave on BB-PPDR (Broad Band – Public Protection and Disaster Relief Network) at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

Heat Traps

As India goes through another gruelling summer, it becomes increasingly evident that the nation’s cities have become perilous “heat traps,” exacerbated by unbalanced urban development and climate change.

Prudent Pause

The global economic landscape in 2024 has presented central banks with a challenging conundrum

Geopolitical imperative

India, a dynamic and proactive player in the Asia-Pacific, is on the cusp of broadening its influence through strategic partnerships and defence cooperation. Guided by the Modi administration from 2014, India has made significant strides in increasing its regional presence

Secularism can never be a binary concept

Perhaps in no other general election in the past have issues like ‘uniform civil code’, ‘politics of appeasement’, ‘secularism’, ‘illegal infiltration’, ‘NRC’ etc. been so much a part of the campaign of political parties as it had happened this time.

Bridging a Divide

India’s economic landscape presents a paradox of rapid growth alongside deep-seated inequality. The disparity between the prosperous and the impoverished is stark, with Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, highlighting the chasm.