Trump’s agenda

Former President Donald J. Trump is so far ahead in the race to secure the Republican Party’s nomination for the 2024 US election that the rest of the contenders are widely considered to be fighting for second place.

Tracing roots

In the realm of genetics and identity, a significant shift is occurring in the United Kingdom, one that raises both cheer and contemplative sighs.

Churchill and Gandhi~I

The maintenance of the British empire was the objective of Sir Winston Churchill (1870-1965) while ending it was the mission of Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948).

Gandhi and Education

Ethical values are very critical for growth of a nation and individual. No wonder now there is emphasis on ethics both in the corporate sector and also in the governmental sector. So much so now there is a paper on ethics for the Civil Services. But ethical values can be inculcated and not learnt. They have to be internalised. They can be imparted through personal and exemplary conduct and not preached, but practised. Gandhi emphasised on ethics and so does the New Education Pol

Gandhian way alone can ensure a resilient future

Goal 16 of Agenda 2030 of Sustainable Development Goals Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions was seen as truly transformative, formally linking for the first time at the UN development, peace, justice and good governance.

Games at home

Hangzhou 2023 was important to India for a simple reason: it was the first time we were going to the Asian Games after an unprecedented seismic upheaval across the entire spectrum of sport in this land.

Could BJP and AIADMK join hands again?

The AIADMK's decision to end the partnership with the NDA at national and state levels may put the BJP at a disadvantage in winning Tamil Nadu. The BJP had been piggybackriding on the Dravidian party.