Billionaire Tax

The notion of imposing additional taxes on billionaires has resurfaced, with the Congress party urging Prime Minister Narendra Modi to consider such measures.

Divestment Halt

India’s approach to managing its state-owned enterprises has taken a notable turn. For years, the government’s strategy was characterised by aggressive privatisation, aiming to offload large segments of its more than Rs 50 lakh crore state sector.

Constitution in focus

Faizabad or its twin-city Ayodhya, has a powerful symbolism for the ruling ideological persuasion of the nation.

Re-building UK

New UK chancellor of the Exchequer Rachel Reeves’ ambitious plan to “get Britain building again” marks a bold step toward addressing the nation’s chronic housing shortage, stagnating infrastructure projects, and renewable energy needs.

US on Edge

The assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump has sent shockwaves through an already deeply divided America.

Western scrutiny of Modi’s Russia visit

US State department spokesperson Mathew Miller, discussing PM Modi’s Russia visit, mentioned in a press conference, “we have been quite clear about our concerns about India’s relationship with Russia.

The moment Trump won the election?

The shots fired at Donald Trump at a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday are being investigated as an assassination attempt of the former president and current Republican presidential nominee.

Benighted Statistics

Around 150 years ago, British PM Benjamin Disraeli said: “There are three types of lies ~ lies, damn lies, and statistics” ~ a statement as true today as it was the day it was made. A recent example would suffice.

Time to act for India’s polity

During the 70th anniversary of the European Parliament in 2022, Professor Ryszard Legutko, a Polish philosopher, politician, and Co-Chair of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group, observed that the European Parliament is merely a quasi-parliament, alienating millions of voters.