Bold Initiative

The centre’s announcement of a phased introduction of blending biogas with natural gas is a significant move towards sustainable energy practices.

Falling short

The country’s economy is facing a familiar challenge ~ the perennial struggle to meet divestment targets. The revelation that the Centre is set to miss its divestment goal by a staggering sum in the current fiscal year is a stark reminder of the persistent hurdles on the road to economic reform.

Denied Legal Aid

Acitizen of a nation is obligated to face justice when his or her personal conduct or commercial activities are deemed to be in opposition to domestic legislation or the rights of another individual.

Targeting Trump

In the grand theatre of American politics, the spotlight often shifts, revealing new narratives and strategies that shape the course of the nation’s future. Such spotlight changes often illuminate strategic reshaping of campaign narratives.

Playing games

The world’s national sport administrations have recently been thundered at by the International Olympic Committee, which told them that they must not go for the Friendship Games if Russia, as in 1984, attempts persuasion. “Don’t go” is the clear, simple direction.

Reopening wounds

Just three days before the top leaders from Japan, South Korea and China were to gather in the South Korean city of Busan to discuss resuming their leaders’ summit as part of a resumption of the annual trilateral summit that began in 2008 but remained suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic since 2019

A flat roof in America

One of the common features of houses in India that we all grew up in is a flat roof. Of course, there are huts with roofs made of straw or clay tiles as well as various structures with slanted tiled or metallic roofs but those are indicatives of subpar living conditions.

Diplomacy Triumphs

In the intricate realm of international relations, where the tides of diplomacy ebb and flow, the death sentence handed down on eight former Indian Navy personnel in Qatar has emerged as a testament to the delicate ties between nations.