Pressures on IB students

Teenagers are often blamed for not focusing on their studies, not working hard enough, not helping in household chores, lacking overall discipline in their dayto-day life and many other things.

Easier to build a strong child than to repair broken man

In order to help children transition into adulthood as informed, self-assured, welcoming, and inclusive citizens, BGSM believes in laying a strong foundation of acceptance and belonging by encouraging and involving our kids in cultural celebrations as well as accepting the diverse social network.

Navigating digital changes

One cannot afford to be caught off-guard in the banking, financial services and insurance sector as it has been witnessing changes for over a decade.

Staying connected while apart

One can’t replace in-person interaction and learning, but that doesn’t mean one has to feel isolated while studying online

Living with diamonds

Choosing the right programmes to enhance knowledge and practical skills are prerequisites to translate one’s passion into a rewarding career