Ali Ahmed Syed

IB Minister Launches Azadi Ki Amrit Kahaniya

The idea of Azadi is intertwined with women emancipation in India and the Minister remarked that the term Azadi or freedom holds a wider connotation for women who have to fight stereotypes and taboos in the society as well.


Take extra care of yourself if you are pregnant. You might come across an old friend who will come looking for a loan. But be cautious while lending money as it might drain your finances. You will be let down by someone you trust. Some will get good results in professional life. Your workplace environment might not be great as you will get upset over some things. Be careful while drinking and dining with your spouse today as it might affect your health.

Railway to improve customer services

The railways has only 40 per cent of usable stocks available, so there is a need for procuring additional stock to cater to the demand for the entire fleet, the sources said.

ICICI bank share Jumps

In the past year, ICICI Bank shares have rallied 28 per cent. Brokerages remain bullish on the stock and see up to 43 per cent upside going forward on account of a positive asset quality outlook.

First Bulletproof Toyota Fortuner Legender

Features of the bullet-proof Toyota Fortuner : It has heavier door panels that require more force to open and close. The door panels come with high-grade fiber sheets within their construction, which are capable of withstanding gun or rifle shots fired on their door panels.

MP Board 10th Result 2022

The candidates who will be unable to pass one or two subjects in the MP board 10th Board exam will be able to appear for the compartment/supplementary exam in July 2022, tentatively.

Benefits of Mango in Summer’s

The mangoes are tropical stone fruits and members of the drupe family. This is a type of plant food with a fleshy outer section that surrounds a shell, or pit. This pit contains a seed.