My Diwali that was…

I stood at the counter patiently to pay my bills for my Diwali purchases— a dozen colourful waxfilled terracotta diyas, a beautifully crafted handmade toran for the entrance door and a decorative earthen urli to float candles.

Towards a greener tomorrow

“The transition to green crackers was a nobrainer for us. It’s a small step that collectively makes a big impact. Plus, they look just as mesmerising in the sky!” said an enthusiastic buyer.

‘The Goddess of eternity’

What better time to take stock of all this than on Kali Puja, the day of the celebration of women’s empowerment and that too from Kalighat, this blessed place by the Adi Ganga.

The famous Kali temples in Kolkata gear up for puja

What is special about the temple is that since the time of Ramkrishna Paramhans, liquor has never been used in the temple’s puja. Instead, coconut water is used at the temple, which has a footfall of around 1.5 lakh devotees on the Kali Puja night.