Success Redefined~II

At the highest levels of corporate positions, one must presume that the thirst for money, even if it is a factor, cannot be the only mover.

Success Redefined~I

The narrative was, however, focussed on how the middle class was breaking out into prosperity and millions of poor were being lifted out of poverty.

130th Durand Cup reaches successful completion

The 130th Durand Cup received overwhelming responses from fans with competitive games and lots and lots of goals. Seeing the response, the tournament was thrown open to spectators in a phased manner from the quarter-final stage onwards and one semi-final saw in excess of 20 thousand fans, the final is expecting a crowd of close to 34,000 people.

Qualities of leaders who reach pinnacle of success

There is no reason to view one’s potential of becoming a leader with scepticism, every good leader only becomes one after cultivating leadership qualities, many acquired the traits of a leader relatively late in life.