Raju Bista

Bista slams CM’s Bengali language decision

"She seems to forget that West Bengal is not a single language state. Bengali is one of the softest languages in the world, and the mother tongue to a great many renowned personalities across the world, including Nobel Laureates. However, along with Bengali, West Bengal is also home to many other indigenous languages..."

Bista for CBI probe into HIMUL ‘graft’

According to the MP, due to the “gross mismanagement” by the TMC government, HIMUL has been forced to shut down its operations. “I fear that much like Metro Dairy, the TMC Government will give away HIMUL assets too to their cronies, while keeping the HIMUL cooperative members are deprived of the funds,”

Centre PPS talks plan raises a few eyebrows

"The meeting will show what PPS means, but for us, it is a constitutionally guaranteed arrangement, which is outside Bengal," he said, also alleging that in 2020 the tripartite meeting for PPS had been changed to a meeting for GTA as the GJM-1 was not sincere then"

AIGL (Bharati) ups pressure on Bista

"The list of issues that will be discussed in the monsoon session of Parliament has come out, and it is unfortunate that no issue of the Gorkhas has been mentioned there. Recently, tribal status to different communities was granted in Arunachal Pradesh, but the MP has not done anything regarding the demand for tribal status for 11 different communities here," AIGL general secretary SP Sharma said.