Strategic shift

In a strategic move, India has decided to terminate the decades-old visa-free movement policy with Myanmar, citing national security concerns and the imperative to preserve the demographic structure of its north-eastern states sharing a border with Myanmar.

Limits to Myanmar truce brokered by Beijing

Ashaky agreement to end fighting in northern Myanmar has served to highlight concerns in Beijing over the ongoing unrest – and the limits of China’s power to influence the ongoing civil war.

Diplomatic tight-rope

In the labyrinth of geopolitical intricacies, India finds itself at a critical juncture in its relationship with Myanmar.

Kishida’s outreach

Two days after the mass resignation of ministers involved in a fundraising scandal, on 13-14 December 2023, an event that caused Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s popularity rating to plummet below 20 per cent and cause political turmoil

Time to Act

As Myanmar plunges deeper into turmoil, the accusations of war crimes against the military junta paint a harrowing picture of the humanitarian crisis in the country.