Dilip Ghosh

TMC blames BJP for the Egra factory deaths

Addressing a press conference Dr Shashi Panja said the workers, who had died or received severe injuries might not have joined the illegal firecracker manufacturing unit had they got their jobs under MNREGA.

Dilip Ghosh pulls up Locket after criticism

“Those who are criticizing the party leaders were not on the battle ground. If they were in the battle then they should know how difficult it was to fight that war. Self criticism is good but only blaming others without investing any effort is slandering the fighters,”

SEC acting at TMC’s behest: Dilip Ghosh

Mr Ghosh said, “The State Election Commissioner is facing the music in the Calcutta High Court every now and then and yet he behaves like a 'servant' of the TMC and maintains a partisan attitude towards the Opposition members.”

Dilip fumes over Mamata’s ‘zero-budget’ jibe

"A party like TMC has no vision and hence they are criticizing it. Trinamul believes in daan khairati(donation) politics. Instead of creating industries for generating employment, it is only creating contractual positions instead of permanent job creation. Central government sent funds to Bengal for several projects but TMC is either looting it or using it for donations to purchase votes”