8th Day

Goddess of wisdom

Saraswati, goddess of wisdom, learning, education, knowledge, music and the arts, is one of them.

Chandernagore ~ Bengal’s little French secret

Long before the formation of Calcutta by Job Charnock from the amalgamation of Sutanati, Kalikata and Gobindapur, Chandernagore had already come into existence by merging three villages – Boro Kishanpur, Khalisani and Goldalpara. Settled in by the French in 1673 and later developed as a commercial hub, the town fell into British hands in 1757 and once again in 1794.

In Rome, do as Romans do

Though the stories are her own translations of her original work in Italian, just like her previous short novel, Whereabouts (Dove Mi Trovo) was about a professor, a female protagonist, who negotiates her life in what is presumably Rome.