The girl at the grocery store

His fridge was empty that day when he opened it. Living on a bowl of cereal was not ideal, so he reluctantly left his house to go to the store. 

Fourth floor

I walked for a while before I suddenly stopped. Why weren’t there any rooms in the entire corridor? I turned around just to see that behind me, from where I had only walked seconds ago, there was complete darkness. Like that of a void. 

The Mukherjees’ new house

Apparently those days, for no reason, their pet dog always jumped up and down when it was in a particular room, growling and barking up at the ceiling. Though there seemed to be no one in the room, the pet dog stared at the wall as though someone were standing beside it. 

The running tap

She decided to get up and turn off the tap. Again, that is. Because she remembers turning it off properly before going to bed.

Nightly wish

Dreams, or rather unsettling nightmares, disturb me and jolt me out of slumber. I was panting and breathing heavily.