New York is a state of mind!

If you are in the vast country, which is no less than any continent, called the United States of America, you must do New York. New York represents everything that is so American yet not so.

Mirthy earthy tunes at Bannabagram

As the calendar flips its pages, the villagers of Bannabagram dust off their festive finery, and the anticipation builds like a crescendo in an ancient raag.

Timeless elegance on wheels ~ the Lanchester LD-10

The car was seized and kept in Lalbazar. Murari Lala got a letter from Lalbazar after a week, along with a cheque for Rs 220. The police authorities admitted the fault of the lady who was driving the car in an inebriated state, and Rs 220 was given to repair the vehicle.

The golden era of Hollywood’s iconic screen legends

Are the stars of this new-age generation really worthy of such reverence and sycophancy? Those were classic movies, and no films or stars worth the name, whether in Hollywood, Bollywood or Tollywood, measure up to more than one viewership, which, on the contrary, unlike films of the past era, may be viewed any number of times.

Desktop doodles

In this film he is remarkable as the protagonist Krishnakanta, the notorious and ruthless criminal, whom the whole of Kolkata knows as “King”. He is the quintessential Brechtian character, who is a product, a violently dangerous by-product of a cold, cruel, cut-throat capitalistic society.