An awareness campaign on menstrual hygiene

Turnstone Global, a non-profit organisation, joined hands with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd and undertook “Project Roshni” to create awareness among village girls and women about menstrual hygiene and to reduce the risk of different diseases relating to unhygienic practices during menstruation, particularly cervical cancer.

Healthcare during monsoons

After a severe bout of sweltering summer heat as the time comes for a splash in the rain, it also brings along microbes, which plague our eyes with infections. So along with the excitement that monsoon fills us with, we need to take proper care of our eyes.

Remembering Zarina Hashmi and the idea of home

‘You can never go home again.’ I do not feel at home anywhere, but the idea of home follows me wherever I go.” These are the words of Zarina Hashmi, who is known professionally as Zarina.

The cradle of memories

I hope this letter finds you in good health. It has been a while since I saw your face. I have no complaints; I know we are oceans apart, and to frequent me will be quite troublesome. So, I send this letter in my stead, for you to read it at your leisure. 


Underneath the beautiful facade of the shimmering night, there are the people who walk the streets with the stealth of a tiger and a vision submerged in red.

Role and significance of artificial intelligence in diverse fields

The contemporary era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), has transformed knowledge paradigm and learning trajectory so profoundly that it has become imperative for students of management, commerce, humanities, and liberal arts to garner adequate knowledge and proficiency of such emerging technologies in order to have a competitive edge in their professional pursuits.

Learning how to be a leader

In an interview for The Statesman’s young readers, who are on the threshold of their corporate career, Mr Srinivasa Addepalli, Founder and CEO of GlobalGyan Leadership Academy, addresses how strategic case competitions aid in gaining strategic excellence and problem-solving skills, easing their journey towards becoming future leaders.