8th Day

An iconoclastic renegade & social maverick

Dwelling upon the mysticism in his poetry, William Blake can be aptly called a spiritual ‘Orientalist’ who once famously declared that he had an Eastern soul. The universal consciousness and cosmic vastness lent profundity to his craftsmanship.

Is age really just a number?

An ageing crisis has taken root in several Asian countries, shedding light on the need for better healthcare facilities for the elderly as well as the implementation of policies to counter elder abuse and abandonment.

A pioneering exercise

The Vietnam War was not a US disaster caused by hubris; it was a result of the bridges built abroad by the Vietnamese government and people, and the sympathies evoked that exposed US imperialism. This converted the wave of sympathy for Vietnam into a trend disproportionately larger than Hanoi's meagre economic, military and diplomatic capital... A review.

Remembering Nabaneeta di

There rarely comes along an artistic personality whose large heart and amazing people-skills equalled her formidable talent; a lady, who nurtured, taught, entertained, confabulated, guided and inspired others by word, deed and praxis, as busily as she created and produced.

Teacups, Aunts and a Smuggler

Conspiracy of Aunts is an exciting combination of romance, Victorian elegance and vignettes from the lives of the bhadraloks (gentry) of Calcutta. You need to judge the book by its (well-designed) cover and dive right in to enjoy the fastpaced events thereafter... A review.

Complex eyes of the animal kingdom

'Imagine if your nose were to be on top of your head, eyes on your stomach and a mouth on your feet. I'm sure that such an animal exists somewhere, because Nature hasn't left any combination out'