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TMC’s Mahua Moitra attacks BJP, RSS after Dilip Ghosh ridicules Amartya Sen’s ‘love jihad’ remark

Hitting below the belt, Dilip Ghosh had said that Amartya Sen didn’t have any moral right to speak because he had married three women of three faiths.

SNS | Kolkata |

TMC MP Mahua Moitra on Tuesday attacked BJP and its parent organization RSS after Dilip Ghosh had ridiculed Nobel laureate Amartya Sen for his remark on the contentious ‘love jihad’ laws.

Taking to her official Twitter handle, Moitra, the lawmaker from Krishnanagar, wrote, “Who gave these sick perverted RSS hoodlums the right to speak about whom one should marry or whom one should love?”

“Is this the level of discourse that @BJP WB wishes to win Bengal on? Speak of development you half- witted half-panted bigots!”

Speaking about the controversial anti-conversion laws – popularly labelled as ‘love jihad’ – that had come up in several BJP-ruled states, Professor Sen said that there can be “no jihad in marrying someone you love”.

“It seems to be an intervention in human freedom. The right to life is recognized as a fundamental right, but human rights are being violated as a result of this law, as any person can change his religion to another religion, which is recognized by the constitution. Therefore this law is unconstitutional,” he was seen saying during an interview to NDTV.

“The Supreme Court should intervene in this matter immediately. A case must be filed in the Supreme Court to declare this law unconstitutional. This is a very big issue. There is no such example in the history of India. In Akbar’s time, there was a rule that any person could adopt any religion and marry in any religion. There is that culture in our country. Our Constitution is very clear about protecting personal liberty. As a result, such a law is an insult to the Constitution,” the 87-year-old internationally-faned economist added.

Countering Professor Sen, Dilip Ghosh, BJP state president in West Bengal, on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on him. Hitting below the belt, Ghosh said that the Bharat Ratna awardee didn’t have any moral right to speak because he married thrice.

“I don’t want to attack personally a person who has married three women of three different faiths. He has no moral right to say anything,” the Medinipur MP said.

“He has fled the country. He is never seen with the people here. He was nowhere to be found during a crisis like Amphan or pandemic. We are not here to take moral lesson from such a person,” he added.