Amartya Sen

VBU notice to Amartya Sen on unauthorised land

On 24 January, the joint registrar of the estate office of VBU has issued a notice regarding leased plot number 201 at Sripalli, Shantiniketan (mouza Surul, JL-104) stating that it has been found from physical survey and land records that 13 decimals of land belong to Visva-Bharati in LR Plot number 1900/ 2487.

Sen’s prognosis

The fineprint of his speech must be that the clash of civilizations is currently seldom more acute anywhere in the world than it is in India.

Living with Hunger

Hunger is preventable. It is not difficult to end hunger in India. It is not like that we don’t have the food to feed the hungry. India produces more than enough food to provide for all its citizens. It is primarily a problem of general poverty. The problem lies in access to food.

Reflections of a Master Mind

As an economist, Sen is reckoned as one of the great minds who has enriched the world of ideas and actions, augmented by his erudition in fields as diverse as Sanskrit grammar and literature, mathematics and philosophy