Bridges to our knowledge

Away from seminars and conferences can we remember when was the last time we participated in an informal discussion about the role of a translator? We often exchange thoughts and ideas with friends, colleagues and acquaintances after coming in close proximity with some of the best literature of the world.

Vedas and Management

We as Indians suffered a heavy loss economically, socially and spiritually owing to ignorance of our great Vedic literature. It is time to put our focus back on Vedic knowledge so that our youngsters grow on all fronts especially research, development, skills, and knowledge building to make India great again and lead the world with balanced growth 

PM Modi extends greetings on Valmiki Jayanti

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended greetings on Valmiki Jayanti. Valmiki Jayanti is observed on October 9 every year. The day marks the birth anniversary of Maharishi Valmiki.