Owaisi asks Muslims to vote for BRS

Speaking at a public rally at party headquarters Darussalam, on Sunday, Owaisi took on Rahul Gandhi, who had alleged last week that the BRS and the AIMIM were in partnership with the BJP.

Muslims in Assam adhere to monogamy: AIUDF Chief

Badruddin Ajmal said the policies of the BJP government in the state have made it increasingly challenging for Muslims to sustain their livelihoods, which, in turn, has limited their capacity to engage in polygamous marriages.

Population Myths

A common myth perpetuated by the anti-Muslim brigade is that Muslims will outnumber Hindus in a long run The more…

Four years on…

The evolution of the modern state premised on Rousseau’s theory of social contract has followed varied trajectories. Many scholars believe the Scandinavian model of the welfare state is its apogee. Others argue in favour of the Anglo-American model, claiming it is more effective in promoting prosperity.

Targeting music

Perhaps the most ironical aspect of reports emerging from Afghanistan that the Taliban made a bonfire of musical instruments in their attempt to stamp out an activity they consider unIslamic is that they coincide with the 43rd death anniversary of a man considered by many as the greatest male singer to have emerged from South Asia. Mohammed Rafi was a lower-caste Muslim, a simple and unlettered man, but second to none in his piety.