Indian politics

Karnataka’s migrant culture in place

The former chief minister, a former State BJP President, and six-time MLA Jagdish Shetter tops the list of migrants. The BJP attempted damage control by offering him the post of governor or a central minister, but he rejected it to contest on a Congress ticket.

Good optics, flawed narrative

Rahul's claim that the Yatra is not for political or personal interests, but is against the politics of hate, fear and violence sounds great on paper, but it is easy to see through its real purpose ~ namely, removal of Modi and the BJP from power and the re-establishment of the UPAs regime of corruption, nepotism and family rule. 

Former RSP general secretary Chandrachoodan passes away

Born on 20 April 1940 in Thiruvananthapuram, Chandrachoodan entered active politics through RSP’s students wing, Progressive Students union(PSU). Later he was elected as the state president of PYF (currently RYF), the youth wing of RSP.

Regional paradox of Indian politics

SAD has played a pivotal role in shaping Punjab's politics in the post-independence era. It had also ruled the country as part of the NDA coalition only to sever its connection last year to support the farmers' agitation.