Healthy food

Desi Ghee, the time tested Superfood of India

This traditional flavor earned the bad name for increasing the 'killer' cholesterol-the major cause of heart diseases.  Now nutritionist vouch this humble 'Desi Ghee' as a super food and an essential part of the daily diet.

How anti-inflammatory diet helps keep the body healthy 

The inflammation is the body’s response to confirm that the natural defences have been engaged. It occurs when cells travel across the body, to reach the affected area. Thus we feel the sensation in the form of inflammation. 

Is Hummus Really Healthy for You? Click Here To Find Out!

The Middle Eastern staple is made primarily from blended chickpeas, tahini, oil, and salt. The main difference between making it at home and buying it is the oil used. You may find canola oil or soybean oil in store-bought versions, whereas you'll probably use olive oil in homemade.

Don’t Like Oats Much? Here are interesting ways to consume it

Packed with healthy carbs and ample protein, oats have been known to improve heart health and provide various other benefits to your health. After gaining popularity among bloggers and influencers, people have now come up with new and unique ways to prepare them, adding elements of ‘fun-and-flavor’ instead of ‘bland-and-boring’.

Easy and effective home remedies for vertigo

Vertigo is a symptom of an underlying health condition or several different conditions. Vertigo can keep reoccurring until the underlying cause is determined and taken care of.

How to get rid of breathlessness easily

Bitter gourd is known for its effectiveness in treating asthma that is a common cause for breathlessness. Make sure you include plenty of this green vegetable in your diet. Simply make a bitter gourd paste and add some honey to it to make it tasty.