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  • ‘I want to depict realistic beauty’

    ‘I want to depict realistic beauty’

    Characterised by rich visuals and vibrant colours, Japanese animation — known as “anime” to the rest of the world — stands apart as a distinct art form. In the loud and often in your-face visual aesthetic of these times, the best animators in Japan adhere to a philosophy of soft and gentle scenes, which are …

    November 12, 2017
  • Unseen world of animes

    Unseen world of animes

    By the word anime most of us think about cartoons or more appropriately animations but they signify much more. They are slightly different than regular cartoons. It is a form of Japanese art, portraying their life and culture. There are many amongst us who thinks of shows like Shin Chan, Doraemon or Pokemon, as cartoons …

    September 7, 2017