Role and significance of artificial intelligence in diverse fields

The contemporary era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), has transformed knowledge paradigm and learning trajectory so profoundly that it has become imperative for students of management, commerce, humanities, and liberal arts to garner adequate knowledge and proficiency of such emerging technologies in order to have a competitive edge in their professional pursuits.

Learning how to be a leader

In an interview for The Statesman’s young readers, who are on the threshold of their corporate career, Mr Srinivasa Addepalli, Founder and CEO of GlobalGyan Leadership Academy, addresses how strategic case competitions aid in gaining strategic excellence and problem-solving skills, easing their journey towards becoming future leaders.

Escrow services – Bolstering trust in secured educational transactions

There has been a rapid influx of people seeking education overseas and also taking big-ticket courses domestically. Escrow services providers are third parties that secure the funds in an encrypted account while ensuring that the funds remain there till the agreed conditions are met by both parties.

Why I am what I am…

The Statesman interviews professor Urbi Chatterjee, who is an assistant professor at IIT Kanpur and is a virtuoso in the field of computer science engineering.

How does poverty impede a child’s education long before entering the classroom?

Supporting human services organisations and non-profits who are creating literacy programs to better support low income families, setting up local libraries, and community resource centre, among others. can help in increasing access to a great extent. Government intervention: It must be the primary priority of government authorities.