Use these 8 ways to stop getting sick and heal faster

Fermented edibles like yogurt and kimchi boast probiotic supplements, while apple cider vinegar acts as a great prebiotic (a soluble dietary fiber used to stimulate the growth of probiotics in our digestive tract).

Try out these easy home remedies for gum problems

If the pain is unbearable, of course, you will have to visit a dentist, but if you are suffering from mild pain then you can easily treat it at home. Here are 5 natural remedies that may provide quick relief from tooth and gum pain:

Here’s how you can get rid of inner thigh rashes

Although there are several ointments available in the market for such a condition they may come with side effects. Therefore, try a few natural solutions for your rashes that are not just chemical-free but are possible with the easily available ingredients present in your kitchen.

Spice up your wedding day with these unique entry ideas for brides

Well, if you too are getting married anytime soon and yet to plan a cool bridal entry for yourself, now is your time to take the plunge! To turn the tables in 2022, we have come up with a long list of the latest bridal entry ideas which will definitely leave your guests awestruck.