World Food Safety Day : Food Standards Save Lives

"Food Standards Save Lives" is the theme for this year. Standards set maximum quantities of additives and pollutants, among other ingredients, that can be safely consumed in addition to giving farmers and processors instructions on the sanitary treatment of food.

A much needed detox post holiday season

We are nearing the end of the party and holiday season. Have binge eating and late-night parties hampered your system? Over indulging in holidays makes you feel lethargic which calls for the need to detoxify your system.

Don’t just eat right, eat smart in 2023

Nutrition plays a big role in our lives, and yet maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a focus on nutritious foods can be a challenge. With New Year resolutions kicking in, one needs to focus on eating healthily and staying fit too

Extreme weather had serious impact on Italy’s agricultural production

Italy's National Research Council LaMMA meteorology consortium that 2022 was the hottest year since record-keeping began in 1800, the union Coldiretti released data on Wednesday showing that these unusual weather patterns had taken a heavy toll on the country's agricultural sector.