Snacks to ensure an epic road trip success

Prepare for a successful road trip with delicious and nutritious snack ideas including trail mixes, hummus with carrots, muesli with yogurt, and more. Enjoy your journey with wholesome snacks!

Snacks to ensure an epic road trip success

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Bag packed? Check. Car or bike serviced? Checked. Emergency kit? Checked. Water bottles? Checked. Flashlight? Checked. Snacks? Well, that’s a bit trickier to navigate when gearing up for a road trip. The perennial question persists: load up on truckloads of chips and popcorn or whip something up at home? With Holi falling on a Monday, the weekend promises to be a long one—what better way to celebrate the festivities than by hitting the road with family and friends? And as for the dilemma of what snacks to bring along? Fret not. Here’s our take on packing snacks for the road that are both delicious and healthy!

Trail Mixes

A blend of almonds, cashews, pistachios, raisins, walnuts, berries, and more, trail mixes are a nutrient powerhouse and equally delightful. You don’t always have to buy them from a store; whip up your own mixes at home to ensure top-quality ingredients. They’ll keep hunger at bay.

Hummus and Carrots

Whip up some hummus dip and enjoy it with carrots and crackers. Hummus is packed with protein, fiber, calcium, folate, and more. Rich in Vitamin B, hummus provides an energy boost when fatigue sets in after hours of sitting. Enjoy it with some wholesome crackers and carrots.


Muesli and Yogurt

Craving something cool, nutritious, and filling? How about some muesli and yogurt? Get a healthy dose of calcium and probiotics with this combo.


Makhanas have become the go-to snack for their nutritional value. They’re rich in protein and fiber, fluffy, and delicious. Toss them with your choice of flavoring—masala mix, cheese, or just a sprinkle of salt.

Paneer Kathi Rolls

If you want to skip the roadside dhabas and opt for something healthy and satisfying, try paneer kathi rolls. Take a simple roti, fill it with baked paneer and veggies like capsicum and onion, sprinkle some pepper and chaat masala, and one won’t be enough, we promise you.


These are fresh, low in calories, and made with simple ingredients, mainly chickpea flour. Serve them with grated coconut, fried chilies, and chutney for the ultimate road trip treat.

When on a road trip, the right crucial, and these snacks ideas are the perfect indulgence.

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