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New Delhi, 6 January
An ambitious project to mitigate flood damage in Bihar has taken a major step forward with a central agency finalising the detailed project report for linking four intra-state rivers which would help protect three districts from floods.
The multi-purpose project, which envisages diversion of 492 cumecs of flood water from river Burhi Gandak to river Baya/Ganga, would also augment irrigation of over a lakh hectares of farmland.
DPR, prepared by
the National Water Development Agency (NWDA),
is a crucial step in the process of interlinking rivers that enables a state government to approach the Central Water Commission (CWC) for further clearances.
According to the report, interlinking of the four rivers ~ Gandak, Noon, Baya and Ganga ~ would protect three districts of Samastipur, Begusarai and Khagaria in the flood-prone state from devastation caused during annual floods.
While the three districts collectively record flood damage to the tune of Rs 204.73 crore annually, diverting flood waters would save Rs 143.31 crore.
It would also pave the way for enhancing irrigation of 1.26 lakh hectares of lands proposed during kharif season, giving irrigation benefits worth Rs 587.10 crore.
Estimated at a total cost of Rs 4,200 crore, the report proposes construction of a barrage across the flood-prone river Burhi Gandak and a long canal, measuring 29 km, offtaking from the barrage and outfalls into river Baya.