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Making the right moves

Rakesh Kumar |

Celebrity dance show Nach Baliye Season 8 has reached in its last leg. However, since the beginning, the show has been in the news for many reasons ~ Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev visited the show a few days ago and made the contestants do yoga. Terence Lewis, one of the judges in the show, was recently in the Capital, where he talked about the show and his journey in film Industry. Excerpts:

Q. How is the show going? 

My experience with the show is very good so far. Last season I was not part of it. There were lots of changes then. But it didn't work well. Now we came up with the same format.

Q. You made certain changes in this season?

Yes, we made it a little strict. What happened was Divankya Tripati Dahiya got injured and her husband wanted to dance with the choreographer as a partner. The couple took permission from me and I agreed for a single episode. Next week, another dancer (Bharti) had problem in the knee, and her husband also sought permission to dance with a choreographer. Then I decided not to allow anyone to dance with the choreographer. It is a stage for Nach Baliye, where you have to dance with your partner not choreographer. Second thing I made it clear, there should be dance, not aerobics.

Q.How do you give points to the participants?

My judging is based on one's capability. I compare people with their previous performance, like how much they have improved. While in other show, dances are compared with each other. I remember giving Mohit Sehgal and Sanaya Irani 10 points, even though Mohit is a terrible dancer. While Sanam Johar, who performed very well, I gave him only eight points. The level of Sanam is very high, but not Mohit, but his performance was far better than the last time.

Q. What do you enjoy most, teaching or judging? Which is more difficult?

I love teaching. And I don't find anything difficult because I enjoy both. My philosophy is clear: Love what you do or do what you love. For me difficulty happens when I have to deal with the stars, because then it is not the choreography you have to bear their tantrum. We have to figure out their mood, we have to pamper them. That's why I quit choreographing because I was not enjoying it. In the role of a judge I can be very honest. I am one of those who appreciate people if they do good; if I find no talent, I keep them out.

Q. How passionate do you think celebrities are about dancing?

In the first week, they are not at all. But when they get comments, marks and criticism, they come into the rhythm. Everybody starts taking it very seriously.

Q. You choreographed in Bollywood and on the small screen.How do you rate them?

Bollywood is far easier. The younger generation is very talented; they come with full preparation, even if they are outsiders. They learn dancing and go to gym before joining the acting class. It is easier to make them dance. Most television actors don't go to dance class but acting class, because they have to act first