Glorious India~II

Even after the decline of the golden period of the Gupta empire, great works of art, architecture and culture continued to flourish at four corners of India from the sixth century till the thirteenth century when invaders consolidated their rule on the holy land and stopped the festival of indigenous arts and cultural activities

Bengal models leave spectators charmed

The contestants were judged on various parameters such as confidence, grace, communication skills, extracurricular activities such as dance, vocal music, poetry, yoga and acting, overall personality

Linking up with heritage through dance

Dancers Srudhi KV, Mini Somakumar, Dr. Anupama Kumar, SwetapadmaMishra, Madhurima Chakraborty, Rajitha Shekhar and Gayatri Atchanta were all senior disciples of Madhulita who performed the dance.

Nora Fatehi recalls her early days in the floor of ‘IBD 2’

"I am so proud of you for representing belly dance the way you do. I think you should win 'India's Best Dancer' because even though belly dance has existed for years, it hasn't gotten the respect and international recognition it deserves. You winning this show will do that"