Maharaj: More melodrama, less period-drama

Maharaj marks the debut film of Aamir Khan’s son, Junaid Khan, and is ‘supposedly’ based on the Maharaj Libel case of 1862, which proved to be a landmark judgement in legal history and changed the religious fabric of the country significantly. 

In a similar mental sphere

The month of May arrived with a pleasant surprise when chess met music during the International Fide Open Rapid Rating Chess Tournament 2024 at the Rabindranath Tagore Centre, ICCR.

Revival of Rajani Kanta Sen nostalgia

To perpetuate memories of the foregone era of Rajani Kanta Sen, Surnandan Bharati, under the stewardship of Ritish Ranjan Chakraborty, arranged a musical soiree on Saturday, 22 June, this year, in Kolkata’s Indumati Sabhagriha (Jadavpur).

Manikbabur Megh — A man’s journey with nature

Manikbabur Megh (The Cloud and the Man), a film directed by Abhinandan Banerjee, explores the journey of a socially unfit man, going back to nature—where it all began—to uncover the entire existence of life, attaining a pursuit of purity in the process.

Chinatown to get a prequel

Chinatown is a great film that first opened in June 1974. In its five decades, it has merely gone on to become a great, great classic, its spirit enduringly loveable, much like Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, Roman Holiday and Ben-Hur.