New Delhi, 11 July: The Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha (HDAS), the apex body of Hindu institutions comprising many Matathipathis, Adeedams and Sivachariyars, is organising a day-long symposium at the India International Centre in the Capital on Sunday, 14 July. The theme of the symposium is “Government Control of Temples ~ Constitutional Issues”.           Former Chief Justices of High Courts, senior advocates of the Supreme Court and other constitutional experts will examine the legality of governments’ overarching control over Hindu temples, their properties and endowments, and the governments’ interference in Hindu religious practices in temples.
Swami Dayananda Saraswati, convener of HDAS, will inaugurate the symposium. Swami Paramatmananda Saraswathi, secretary of HDAS, will play a significant role in the conduct of the symposium. Other speakers include Justice Rama Jois, Justice V S Kokje, senior counsel R Venkatramani,  CS Vaidyanathan, K N Bhat, Aman Lekhi,   Pinky Anand and Krishnamani,. Dr Subramanian Swamy, Mr S  Gurumurthy, Mr T R Ramesh and Mr K Nagarajan will also speak.         sns