The impromptu launch of the sanitation drive by the Delhi government has been a failure as people are not aware of the mobile-app launched to make the campaign a success. The deadline for a weeklong campaign has been over and smartphone users were unaware of the ‘Swachh Delhi’ app.

"I have no idea about the drive. If it’s government’s programme, I didn’t see any advertisement of this app," said Denish, who works in an established smartphone manufacturing MNC company. He travels in Metro but has not seen even a single banner of ‘Swachh Delhi’.

‘Swachh Delhi Abhiyan,’ a joint initiative of the Central government, Delhi government and all municipal corporations, was announced from 22 to 30 November. However, according to Delhi government more than 40,000 complaints were received and about 65 per cent of them were actionable but most part of the city remained untouched due to lack of information.

Manjari Sharma, a housewife who watches television most of the time, is aware about the launch. She said, "I heard about the app but I didn’t show much interest in it." Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) are already active in their respective areas but even in posh areas of South Delhi people don’t have much idea about it. Secretary of CRWA of Lodhi Road in the BK Dutt Colony, Sudhir Mahajan said, "We are already working and organising different type of programmes but I don’t have any idea about this joint initiative of governments. They should inform us."

During the assembly elections, East Delhi was a big vote bank for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), but now the congested colonies of the so called ‘Trans Yamuna’ are facing the worst situation. Overflowing sewers and filthy waterspots are seeneverywhere. Saurabh, a college student, who resides in Shahdara says, "It is our fate. I grew up here and never saw a clean canal. If the government was running any campaign, why didn’t it make headlines. Launching an app is a different thing and taking a daily review is another."

Records may say something, but facts are different.