An awareness campaign to promote the use of bicycles among city dwellers was launched here on Sunday.

The initiative – See Your Lung campaign – will involve volunteers pedalling across Delhi on bicycles and sharing information with the people about the damage caused to human health due to vehicular pollution.

"This is a must as the people do not know how they are risking their and others’ lives by using motor vehicles, especially when a cycle can do the work. The idea is to connect people with the government’s initiatives to bring down the toxic pollution levels in Delhi and make them understand the importance of clean and fresh air for health and fitness," said Vijay Kannan, founder of the campaign.

Kannan is the founder of Clean Air India Movement (CLAIM), launched during the first phase of the even-odd scheme in January.

Under the initiative, free car pool service was offered in the national capital to help around 10,000 people reach their destinations.