New Delhi, 1 October
Just before the upcoming Delhi Assembly election, Delhi government has decided to provide 90% reservation to the students from Delhi in 12 Delhi University Colleges which are 100% funded by the state government.
Delhi higher education minister, Dr A K Walia informed that the government colleges where the state government is providing 50% grant for their capital work will offer 50% reservation to Delhi students. 
"Delhi government will send these recommendations to the University of Delhi and to the Ministry of Home Affairs for approval," Dr Walia said.
The education minister said that those students who have passed the qualifying examination of 12th from Delhi will be considered in this category.
Though there is no data available with these colleges as to how many students from Delhi are studying in these colleges, it is estimated that nearly 17,000 students of Delhi are studying in these colleges.
"Once these recommendations are accepted, it will provide additional seats to about 19,000 students from Delhi. They will get an opportunity to study in Delhi itself rather than seeking admission outside Delhi where they have to bear financial burden as well as face a number of other difficulties," the minister said.
Currently Delhi government has 12 colleges to which it is providing 100% grant.