Mindteck is likely to implement Innovative Smart Parking Solution for the New Delhi Municipal Councill (NDMC) area at pilot project basis. Mindteck, a global technology company, on Tuesday announced that it had implemented a smart parking pilot project at Connaught Place, C Block, for NDMC.

As per its statment, this innovative car occupancy detection solution uses both Wi-Fi camera with edgebased video analytics and battery-operated wireless sensors to capture car parking occupancy details, along with a date and time stamp.

The sensors, which have multi-year battery life, were tested for Delhi’s extreme weather condition. The aggregated real-time parking availability information effortlessly integrates with any government-run and third party parking aggregator service via the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Service providers can also run analytics on real-time parking data for detecting any revenue leakages and implementing dynamic pricing models.