Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today launched the e-ration service through which people can apply and obtain ration cards and check availability of food grains and their costs, making Delhi the first in the country to launch the facility.

"It is our duty to ensure that every poor gets his/her food security. We know most of the ration cards do not reach the eligible holder as these are stocked by the ration card distributor who further misuses it.

"This e-ration card service will give solution to the problem of ration card distribution. As one applies for a ration card, he/she will get an update on mobile and can take out a printed copy of the card," Kejriwal said after launching the facility.

According to a senior government official, anyone can avail the facility of e-ration card on the Department of Food Supplies and Consumer Affairs website (

In the citizen corner of the portal, a user can apply online for food security. They can also track applications by putting their unique number. Once the verification of user is done then can get print-out of their e-ration card which will be valid like an e-ticket, the official said.

"This system will end corrupt practices of holding back ration cards and will ensure that the cards reach the needy and in time," SS Yadav, Commissioner of the Food and Supply Department, said. The print-out of ration card can also be taken from the offices of Delhi MLAs.

The dynamic website gives live update of number of people who have got food security. Similarly, a user can also check location of nearby Fair Price Shops (FPS) and quantity and rate of rations available at the shops. One can also avail the service through SMS.

"A user can check who all are eligible for food security and names of those who have availed the service. Users can also object if they find a non-eligible person is using the services. We have made the data available to the public. This is the most robust, transparent and user friendly portal for food security in the country," Yadav said.

According to the government, work of officers in 70 ration offices can be checked by the users through the website. The government is going to use technology to make ration distribution system more transparent.

"We will install tablets at all FPS which will show how much ration a family is getting and quantity of ration sold at that particular time. As soon a user buy ration he will get SMS information about quantity and rate at which he made his purchase. This system was introduced so that shop-keeper cannot manipulate or tamper his record," Chief Secretary K K Sharma said.