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Goel’s innovative Modi-Gandhi comparison

Goel’s innovative Modi-Gandhi comparison |

To commemorate the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on Friday, BJP leader Vijay Goel shared a picture of his unique comparison of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Mahatma Gandhi on a billboard, on social media.

Goel tweeted the following post on Wednesday: 

Using the words of the Bollywood composition in tribute to Gandhi ji ‘De Di Hamein Aazadi Bina Khadag’ from the 1954 film Jagriti, Goel held Modi in high esteem, in par with the father of the nation, tagging both as ‘saints of Sabarmati’.

The billboard consisted of the lyrics of the popular song besides a portrait of Gandhi ji, and some creative distortion of the lyrics to describe Modi beside his portrait.

His words loosely translated to:

(For Gandhi)- “You gave us freedom without sword or shield,
Oh! Saint of Sabarmati, you have done incredibly well.”

(For Modi)- “You gave (the nation) a new identity in the world, and increased our stature,
Oh! Saint of Sabarmati, you have done incredibly well.”

 Gandhi may have been compared to various personalities, but this Modi comparison surely stands out.