The Delhi Jal Board (DJB), in a statement on Tuesday said that about six lakh consumers availed benefit of free water scheme in the second round of billing as people have started to voluntarily install functional water meters to reduce water consumption and to avail benefit of free water scheme of up to 20,000 litres per month.

The free water scheme was notified by the DJB in March 2015 and as per the scheme, domestic consumers of DJB consuming upto 20,000 litres water per month are eligible for benefit provided they have functional water meter. Facility of 20 KL free water supply is also available to residents of Group Housing Societies. Beneficiaries of the scheme are exempted from payment of all component of bill namely water charge,sewerage maintenance charge, service charge,meter rent and cess.

However, if the monthly consumption exceeds 20,000 litres then charges for the entire supply of water is levied. A board official said,"The data of second round of billing reveals that people are coming forward for installation of water meters and reduce water consumption to get benefit of 20 KL free water scheme. Between rounds I & II, number of functional meters has increased by 75,000." "The scheme has been popular amongst consumers who have functional water meters. 65% of such consumers got the benefit of the scheme in these billing rounds. Some of the areas which availed maximum benefit of this scheme include Rohtas Nagar, Vishnu Vihar,Rajapuri,Raja Nagar,Indra Park Palam, Raj NagarI, Meethapur Extn. Patel Garden, Mansaram Park etc." added the official.

Meanwhile, the data of second round of billing has also showed that people living in small households are getting maximum benefit of this scheme.Out of about six lakh consumers who got benefit of free water, 84% live in less than 100 sq mtr and 60% live in less than 50 sq mtr dwelling units.

However, some people of larger plot size of about 200 sq mtr who could reduce their consumption, also got benefit of the scheme. Number of such households is 13,000, read the statement.