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CSE welcomes cuts in trans fats limits


Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has welcomed FSSAI’s recent move to cut down the maximum permitted trans fats in edible fats and oils.

At 5 per cent, the new standards are half of the earlier limit and will come into force by August 2016. 

In an initiative that augurs well for the health of Indians, the food safety and standards authority of India (FSSAI) has reduced permitted trans fats in edible fats and oils in the country from 10 to 5 per cent. 

The FSSAI in its latest notification on the issue has reduced the maximum permitted amount of trans fats to 5 per cent (by weight) in hydrogenated vegetable oils, margarine and fat spreads and interesterified vegetable fat.

The new limit will be enforced by August 2016 and will replace the earlier limit of 10 per cent that was set in 2013. 

The CSE had been campaigning for this since its study in 2009 found high trans fats content in cooking oils. 

"CSE, in its 2009 study on 30 brands of cooking oils, found trans fats in all vanaspati (partially hydrogenated vegetable oils) brands to be 5-12 times higher than the standard of Denmark-two per cent of the total fat content. The study intensified the debate on need for trans fat standards. In 2013,after having proposed a draft in 2010, the authority came up with a relaxed limit of 10 percent. CSE had been advocating for at least a 5 per cent limit since then." read the statement issued by CSE.