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4 lives saved through organ transplant in Delhi


A-42-year-old person, who was declared brain dead at a private hospital here, saved the life of four people after his family members consented to donating his organs including the heart and both kidneys.

According to the doctors — the patient, a resident of south Delhi, on June 23 complained of severe headache on the right side and was rushed to Rockland hospital.

He was diagnosed with aneurysmal, a condition in which the headache is caused due to rupture and blood leak in the brain.

As the patient did not respond to treatment, he was declared brain dead. The doctors spoke to his family members and convinced them to donate his organs.

A call was made to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)-based Organ Retrieval Banking Organisation (ORBO) and they were informed about the situation.

On June 24, the patient was transferred to AIIMS where after two tests, the heart, kidneys, liver and both corneas were retrieved from the patient’s body.

According to the hospital authorities, the heart and both kidneys were transplanted into different patients at AIIMS while the liver was transplanted into a patient at the Institute of Liver Biliary Sciences (ILBS).

The corneas were preserved in the eye bank of AIIMS as there was no immediate recipient.

"I am proud that AIIMS has been involved in such a noble cause. We are trying to make more and more people aware about organ donation," M.C. Misra, director AIIMS, told IANS.

A total of 100 medical and nursing personnel and technicians were involved in the process of multi-organ transplantation.