Sixteen Afghan Border Police personnel were killed after Taliban attacked their outpost in Takhar province on Thursday.

The attack occurred at about 3 a.m. after the Taliban militants surrounded the post located in the remote area of Chah Aab district near the border with Tajikistan, spokesman Abdul Khalil Asir told Xinhua news agency.

One policeman was injured and six others were reported missing after the clash, he added.

The official said that the investigation will be launched for this incident. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for this attack.

Earlier nine soldiers and police officers were killed.  On April 23, 18 soldiers and police officers were killed in the western Afghanistan. At least 14 police officers were also killed in the Ghazni Province after Taliban’s attack.

These casualties have risen since the beginning of 2015, when Afghan soldiers and police assumed responsibilities of security from the U.S. and NATO troops.