New tobacco warnings simply pass the buck

Picture this: with winter around the corner, there is a slight chill in the air. Coupled with the alarming levels of pollution which have forced everyone indoors, it’s the ideal time to curl up on your couch and binge watch your favourite web-series, which has eight short episodes of 30 minutes each.

In areas with heavy plastic pollution, more microbes can degrade plastics

"Using our models, we found multiple lines of evidence supporting the fact that the global microbiome's plastic-degrading potential correlates strongly with measurements of environmental plastic pollution -- a significant demonstration of how the environment is responding to the pressures we are placing on it"

Plastic pollution along Indus raises concerns in Ladakh

As a step towards realising the long-term goal of carbon-neutral Ladakh, the Union Territory (UT) administration has already ordered a complete ban on the use of plastic water bottles and other plastic-made objects in government offices and other institutions.