Politics of performance is PM Modi’s gift to the nation: CM Yogi

Speaking to the media on Tuesday morning, the Chief Minister criticized the opposition including Congress, SP, and others for indulging in divisive politics to spread social discord in elections. “The public knows their intentions. It won't let them get away with deceit,” he added.

Dynastic Grip

From Jawaharlal Nehru to his great-grandson, Mr Rahul Gandhi, the family’s legacy looms large, influencing political dynamics and electoral strategies. In neighbouring Pakistan, a similar narrative unfolds as the Sharifs and Bhutto-Zardaris, two prominent political dynasties, navigate the labyrinth of power politics.

Modi’s Appeal

In the complex tapestry of Indian politics, one figure stands out: Mr Narendra Modi, the enigmatic Prime Minister who continues to defy conventional wisdom.

Poll Saga

In the theatre of Pakistani politics, last week’s election has unfolded as a perplexing drama, leaving citizens and global observers questioning the trajectory of the country’s democratic journey.