Netanyahu’s curse

When you are the longest serving Prime Minister of a democratic country, it is safe to presume that you have…

Views on History~I

Antiquarians, politicians, media professionals and even godmen have joined in to present their own version of historical events, especially regarding the golden ancient India and the volatile Muslim rule, to suit their present aspirations. This is possibly an indicator of the post- truth age where a heady mixture of fantasy, entrenched beliefs and convenient portions of historical facts in the mind become more important than the facts themselves. What happened is overshadowed by what we wish to have happened

Campaign clues

AI is both the cause of this likely change and will be the prime beneficiary of it

Pak fronts target Indian-origin US politicians

Pieter Friedrich, a self-proclaimed expert on South Asia and a propagandist for Pakistani establishment and Islamist organisation, and his Organization for the Minorities of India (OFMI) campaigned against Indian-origin US politicians and publicly levelled unsubstantiated allegations against them, said The Disinfo Lab report.