LS passes Bill for effective discipline in inter-services establishments

The enactment of the Bill will have benefits such as maintenance of effective discipline in inter-services establishments by the Heads of ISOs, reverting personnel under disciplinary proceedings to their parent Service units no more required, expeditious disposal of cases of misdemeanour or indiscipline, etc.

LS passes Indian Institutes of Management (Amendment) Bill

The bill proposes amendments to the IIM Act of 2017, including increased presidential powers in IIMs which has raised concerns over the balance between accountability and autonomy of these eminent management institutes in the country.

RS & LS adjourned till 2 pm over Oppn’s protest on GST, inflation

Congress MP Manickam Tagore gave the adjournment notice in the Lok Sabha. "To discuss the imposing levy of 5 per cent GST on essential commodities which would affect every common citizen, especially the poor and to direct the Government to withdraw the decision of levying GST from essential commodities," it said.

Congress MPs move adjournment notices in LS

Tewari in his notice mentioned the farmers agitation, "During the course of the agitation many farmers lost their lives to the harsh weather, alleged use of force by the state and violent attacks on farmers lives, notably the incident that happened in Lakhimpur Kheri where farmers were allegedly run over by fast moving vehicles.