Indian Army

Sam Bahadur

Beyond the movie, the essential import of the phenomenon of ‘Sam Bahadur’ is so much more than just that of the hero of the 1971 Indo-Pak War, the dashing leader, colourful personality or even of the symbolism of India’s first Field Marshal.

Army deploys double-humped camels along inhospitable LAC with China

The Indian Army has for the first time deployed the rare double humped camels to carry critical load to the forward positions and mounted patrolling in the sandy terrain of the Eastern Ladakh where Indian and Chinese troops have engaged in an intense standoff since June 2020.

First Woman officer takes command of an Indian Navy ship

In a groundbreaking move, the Navy appointed its first woman commanding officer for an Indian naval ship. Admiral Kumar emphasized the Navy's dedication to challenging the status quo to ensure a dynamic and aspirational trajectory for the future

India’s Finest

Far away from the ‘manufactured passions’ of the India-versus-Bharat nomenclature, Colonel Manpreet Singh, Major Aashish Dhonchak and DSP Humayun Muzammil…