‘My dear Bhai’

On a train to Gaya, on 4 March 1953, Jayaprakash Narayan was writing a letter to a person whom he addressed as 'Bhai'. Like Dada in Bangla, Anna in Tamil, Bhai in Hindi is a term of respect for an elder brother.

Gandhi and Education

Ethical values are very critical for growth of a nation and individual. No wonder now there is emphasis on ethics both in the corporate sector and also in the governmental sector. So much so now there is a paper on ethics for the Civil Services. But ethical values can be inculcated and not learnt. They have to be internalised. They can be imparted through personal and exemplary conduct and not preached, but practised. Gandhi emphasised on ethics and so does the New Education Pol

A Gandhian Future

Nature in the Hindi language is Prakriti, made of two words ~ Pra and Kriti. Pra means superior/best and Kriti means creation. Nature is the life form. Earth is the mother. Nature itself fulfils the nourishment of the Earth.

Sonia Gandhi, Kharge pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat

On the 153rd anniversary of Gandhi, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi tweeted, "Bapu is an example of truth. Bapu is the torch of courage. Bapu is a traveller of India, sharing the sufferings of the country's people and uniting the whole of India.