Natural farming and water conservation show the way

These encouraging efforts have been initiated by SRIJAN, a voluntary organization, as a part of a wider project called BIWAL for promoting sustainable development in the villages of Bundelkhand region. BIWAL’s model combining water conservation and natural farming has given a newfound strength to many farmers and rural communities.

Vertical farming: How it is an upcoming business alternative

As per the United Nations report the global population is set to reach nearly ten billion marks by 2050 for which food production must increase by 70 percent. But due to erosion and today’s climate crisis, the world has already lost one-third of its cropland in the last 40 years, making the practice of traditional agriculture a challenge.

UP to promote natural farming in a big way

He said that a fund of Rs 82.83 crore has been approved for this by the Central government for 35 districts of the state under the centrally-funded scheme of Bharatiya Prakritik Krishi Paddhati.

Gandhian path can help farmers and consumers

As the number of food consumers was much larger than the number of corn farmers, Mexico’s government decided in favour of joining NAFTA. Soon over a million farmers were driven off their land and the rush of displaced farmers to cities also led to fall in industrial wages. What was worse, even promises made regarding cheaper food to consumers were not fulfilled. Instead of declining, the price of staple food increased steeply.

An alternative to stubble burning

Studies indicate that soil in tropical regions has a poorer Carbon retention as compared to the temperate region. Stubble burning, scientifically, adds to this carbon content, but results in increased air pollution in the atmosphere.