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Activists Rally for Gender-Inclusive Climate Policies Ahead of COP28

Explore the urgent call for gender-inclusive climate policies as activists push for action ahead of COP28 in Dubai. Learn how women, particularly in developing regions like India, bear disproportionate impacts and why COP28's decisions matter in addressing these critical concerns.

A disaster unfolds

Human history is replete with events that emerge as anomalies, challenging the resilience of communities and testing the efficacy of global response mechanisms.

Green Credits

In October 2023, India’s Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change launched the Green Credit Program (GCP) as part of the LiFE movement (Lifestyle for Environment) announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at COP 26 at Glasgow.

On the edge

During the billions of years of our planet’s existence, its climate has varied a lot. At times the entire planet may have been wholly or mostly enveloped by snow and ice (‘Snowball Earth’), whilst at other times Polar Regions were inhabited by tropical animals.