Kishida’s outreach

Two days after the mass resignation of ministers involved in a fundraising scandal, on 13-14 December 2023, an event that caused Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s popularity rating to plummet below 20 per cent and cause political turmoil

When Biden’s away

Significantly, the leaders also agreed to upgrade the ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement ~ FTA 3.0 ~ that will now include cooperation in the spheres of digital economy, green economy and supply chains.

India’s G20 opportunity

India has favorably positioned itself as a flag bearer of climate policies that look at redefining the current energy systems to push for a strong pivot towards clean energy – all with the challenges that accompany moving a large population to a new way of perceiving energy independence.

Asean’s drift

A sense of drift in what was once a cohesive grouping, the Association of South East Asian States Nations (Asean), was discernible in Phnom Penh last week as Cambodia hosted the Asean summit marking its 55th anniversary. The summit itself went off smoothly enough. Compared to the last time Cambodia held the ASEAN chair in 2012, there was a welcome absence of rancour.