8th Day

Preserving the legacy of chess in Kolkata

The Gariahat Chess Club is an open-air space beneath the Gariahat flyover where kings and queens have been strategically manoeuvred and conquered for years. The club was formalised in 2006 with Bengal’s first Open Air Chess Tournament and was successfully given a facelift in 2018 with 13 tables bearing laminated chess boards.

Golden garden

The world of symbols we inhabit is unfortunately twice removed from reality, with “removed” being the operative word.

The eyes of history

The BSF received the two Bangladeshi politicians, and Majumdar personally escorted them back to Calcutta.

A bouquet of poetry

Writing about women and translating women's writing involves a measure of activism.

Short story – Suicide

Fula had no words to defend herself. She was shattered into pieces. There was a spontaneous flow of tears from her eyes —they reached her nostrils, lips and chin. She thought that life saves the cruellest for the poor.

With a spirit of spontaneity

An entire generation rises against dissemblers, against people who are hypocrites, people whose face and mind reflect different images, and people who are not what they appear or pretend to be.