5 biggest nutrition mistakes you are probably making

While many of us reflect absolute dedication towards maintaining good health, we are bound to practice a few mistakes when it comes to gaining the necessary nutrition.

5 biggest nutrition mistakes you are probably making

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With shifting times, the focus on maintaining good health and fitness has become seminal to the human living experience. The remarkable advancement in science and nutrition, coupled with the launch of novel technologies and innovative techniques, is allowing more people to stay in good shape. A scientific approach towards dieting, workout, and nutrition is important to yield the best results for the body. For people who attach the highest priority to their health, clocking optimum nutrition required by the body is certainly one of the most crucial things.

While many of us reflect absolute dedication towards maintaining good health, we are bound to practice a few mistakes when it comes to gaining the necessary nutrition. There are chances that we might be doing something wrong which not only impedes us from reaching our desired objective but can also render more harm than good.

Let us now look at some of the top nutritional bloopers that are in common practice and how to avoid them:


Skipping pre and post-workout meals

Many of us are tricked into believing that it is better to avoid eating pre and post-workout meals. One just cannot lay enough stress on the need to eat your pre work out and post work out meal. It is simply a cardinal sin to deny yourself the essential calories that complement a great and vigorous workout routine. Skipping meals does not help you lose fat in any way as the most fundamental aspect is preserving appropriate caloric balance. It is much better to feed yourself the necessary foods to rejuvenate body muscles rather than disallowing your body the goodness of essential nutrients.

Overlooking spices and herbs

Yet, another common misconception claims that condiments and spices are responsible for secretly adding those extra calories to your total count. Time to bust this myth! There is no way that herbs and spices can make you fatter. Blame it on the excess oil, butter, or processed foods that you may have incorporated into your diet. Switch these with some nice herbs and spices to not only make the food tastier and aromatic but also for cutting down the excess calories.

Eating only when the empty stomach grumbles

Many of us end to delay eating to the point that the stomach starts croaking in want for food. It is essential to keep your feeding your body every now and then with fresh fruits, salads or nuts to keep the body satiated. It is wrong to deny your body the necessary nutrients that can be obtained only by consuming a rich and balanced diet. Get in a deeper touch with your own body and recognize well its needs and indications. Also, keep yourself well-hydrated all the time to avoid improper eating habits and dehydration.

Concentrate on Removing rather than Adding

It has been seen that whenever people want to raise their diet to a greater level, they resort to subtracting certain foods or even food groups from their existing diet. It really doesn’t matter whether you remove dairy, gluten, sugar, or anything of the sort. It does not produce any tangible result as usually the change is way too short-lived and temporary. So, rather than eliminating this or that from your daily diet, try adding in healthier stuff to your main plate. This could mean blending in fresh juicy fruits, green vegetables or balancing the overall proportions. The possibilities are endless!

Depending too much on supplements

We all know somebody who relies way too much on their post-workout whey protein shake, fish oil supplement or multivitamins. The fact of the matter is – supplements can only support you in your effort to reach your goal or to act substitute for a certain food that is hard to access. For example, fish oil is a good supplement for people who cannot afford to buy trout or salmon. Whenever you opt for any kind of nutritional supplement, it is imperative to ensure that it is a high-quality product and sourced from a certified vendor. This means doing some amount of research regarding the nature and origin of the supplement, its effects both in the short-term and long term, and essential chemical composition.

Proper nutrition is the key to holistic health and fitness. Make sure that you follow the best nutrition techniques to reach your established fitness goals while steering away from common nutrition myths and confounded practices.

(By Paraj Primlani, Founder of ParaFit)