The mass mobilisation to celebrate International Yoga Day by the BJP-led NDA government is an attempt to promote Hindutva agenda at the cost of India’s secular democratic fabric, CPI-M General Secretary Sitaram Yechury said here on Sunday.

Claiming that Yoga was misused through the mega marketing exercise, the Rajya Sabha MP said holding Yoga session on such a large scale was an attempt to propel Hindutva agenda in a country known for its diversity.

"Such mass mobilisation for yoga sessions is a tactic similar to that adopted by dictators in the past. Through such exercise, attention is diverted from basic issues confronting people," Yechury said at a function on the birth anniversary of Communist ideologue Harkishan Singh Surjeet here.

The CPI-M leader said that all forms of public gathering has been banned in Delhi’s Rajpath since the demolition of Babri masjid, but on Monday it was violated with the holding of the mega yoga session.

Maintaining that Yoga is an ancient Indian set of practices that predates the Vedic civilisation, Yechury said Mohenjodaro and Harappa seals depict a man in different postures. Even Pali scriptures related to Buddhism mentioned about yoga, he said.

Giving example of dog, he said when the animal gets up it stretches its front as well as rear legs and also takes deep breath. "All yoga exercises can be noticed in dog’s body movement," said Yechury.

Noting that human cells remain active due to oxygen, he said all human beings including sports persons use oxygen to make their cells function. Proper supply of oxygen to the cells is essential for quality life and exercise is a method to ensure this, the CPI-M General Secretary said.

While Yoga is needed to improve the quality of life, it is important to deal with hunger and starvation first, Yechury said claiming that even one year after NDA government came to power, the country has largest number of about 194.6 million hungry people.

He also claimed that a very high percentage of children die of starvation.

Under such circumstances, the primary responsibility of the government is to save life and then think of bringing improvement in its quality.